We Care

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We at AP&S desired to give back to the community in which we live and love. The employees stepped up by giving a portion of their wages. With the company matching dollar for dollar we hope to meet some of the needs in our community.

Early in 2010 a committee was formed to decide how we can best distribute the available funds so we can help as many different needs as possible. We call the committee “APSAC” (Asphalt Paving & Supply Action Committee). The group is made up of employees from all different areas of the company, and each member has a vote. This enables us to represent the wishes of the entire company. Our hope is to support our community by sponsoring kids with their interests, charity organizations, and community needs in general.

While the dollars we can give are very important for the community we also believe that we can make a difference in other ways. Our employees also committed to giving their time back to the community when it is needed and they are able. This allows us to expand the help and support we can give and the company supports this by donating equipment for their use for special projects. At this time we have Adopted – a – Highway in the Chino Valley area for the last two years, but this is only the beginning.

Please “contact us” if you have a need that you would like us to consider. We truly love our community and want to support our community to the best of our ability!